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About Jill

Jill Featherstone is a pseudonym that I chose for myself when I was just a teen (to hear the story check out my video on Facebook entitled, "What's in a name"). I am a Canadian-born Indigenous author, blogger, University professor, motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, and proud wife, mother & grandmother. 


Empowering our Indigenous young people is always on the forefront of whatever I am doing, and whether it's through workshops, speaking at events, or social media, I am always in search of ways to reach people on a larger scale. 

So with that being said, I want to remind readers that this is a BLOG - my own personal opinions and beliefs. 

If at any time you do not agree with me or do not find my anecdotes helpful, please know that it is OK to  unfollow or unsubscribe. But I do encourage you to be open-minded and know that my intentions come from a place of kindness and respect. Enjoy!


- Jill Featherstone


Podcast Interviews

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Indigenous 150+
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Changing Lenses

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Reading Sirens

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Our Native Land

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The Confidence & Communication Podcast

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