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Accept, Embrace, and Put Yourself on That Pedestal!

Do you ever find yourself living in the past? Wishing that things could go back to the way they were or longing for the person you used to be? Do you find that you relive your ‘glory days’ more often than celebrating your current victories? Or when you see an old picture of yourself, do you wish that you could just go back in time? If you resonate with any of these in a way that makes you say, “YES!” then I encourage you to keep reading. Acceptance is a lifelong process. It is not a just lesson that we learn and then we know it. The lessons life throws at us in order to learn and practice acceptance are sometimes painful and almost always uncomfortable. The following 3 facets of acceptance will enable you to set yourself on a path of allowing, a path of less resistance, and ultimately a path to inner peace. 1) Accept Yourself - You are your own best friend. You look to yourself when you are lonely, you know your biggest secrets, and you know your deepest fears and desires. Flaws and all, you are who you are and once you learn who you are, you can begin loving yourself. Then it won’t matter if certain people don’t like you or certain people don’t agree with or support you. You will know yourself and what you are truly capable of and no one can take that from you. 2) Accept Your Circumstances - Accept where you are in your life right now. It may not be where you want to be, but it is where you need to be at this exact moment. Things happen in our life for a reason -- good and bad. Our experiences are lessons in life that we need to learn in order to build strength and appreciation for all that is coming. So next time something crappy happens in life, look for the lesson, say thank you and move on. You have just been given a life lesson and you are better for it! 3) Accept the Past - Some of us have had horrible experiences and have gone through some devastating times. We cannot help but to feel bad about these things and that is completely natural. It would be unnatural if we weren't bothered. Accepting the past is about learning to move forward and leaving those bad experiences behind us. Our future is full of better days to come, and why would we want to allow all the bad memories and experiences ruin our future? All life’s experiences are shaping who you are today and you are learning lessons that will keep you from making the same mistakes over and over again. Don’t get me wrong, acceptance does not mean that you shouldn’t work to try and change things and you have to just be happy with what you have. The real power behind acceptance is in the embracing; when you take all of life’s challenges, failures, barriers and road bumps and use them to build a solid foundation for your higher self to stand on, because just remember, -- you can’t knock a person off a pedestal that they built for themselves.



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Jill Featherstone 

(pseudonym), is a Canadian-born Indigenous blogger, University Professor, motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, aspiring author, and proud wife, Mother & Grandmother. 

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