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​I founded Featherstone Support Services in 2013 to offer motivational workshops for Indigenous youth and young adults to help them uncover inner strengths, battle stigma, and gain confidence to empower them along life's journeys.

Awaken the Spirit - Teaching our young people to stand on our own, is our most successful and most requested workshop. Since 2014 Awaken the Spirit has helped thousands of youth and young adults across Canada break free from the stigma and cycle of dependency and venture off into the workforce or go back to school.


We have also trained over 200 community service providers to take this workshop back into their own communities with Awaken the Spirit - Train the Trainer.

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Lateral Violence in the Workplace

Lateral Violence in the workplace limits our potential, silences us, instills fear, imposes judgement, causes depression, causes substance abuse, contributes to family breakdown, and creates unhappiness and misery for both the victim and the contributor.

But before you can create a healthier workplace, you must first acknowledge that lateral violence does indeed exist within your environment. To address the issues associated with lateral violence, it is our objective to:

        • Explore how Lateral Violence exists in your workplace       

        • Understand the origins of Lateral Violence

        • Learn strategies to safeguard against Lateral Violence

Attend one of our in-person workshops or request a workshop for your organization, please fill out the Request Info. form below.


*be sure to include the # of people, preferred date and location.

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Developing Good Work Ethics

This workshop focuses on building ethical workplace practices to improve the atmosphere and overall performance of your organization. Focus areas include: professionalism, attendance & punctuality, dependability and being a Team Player. 

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