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Awaken the Spirit ~Train the Trainer

Awaken the Spirit is an empowerment workshop for Indigenous youth and young adults, which focuses on strengthening personal identity, understanding cultural proficiency, mastering goal-setting, and fostering and maintaining positive self-image to help young people break free from the cycle and stigma of dependency and venture off into the workforce or further their education. Since 2014 we have trained over 200 community services workers across Canada.

~Awaken the Spirit, Train-the-Trainer is an intensive 3-day Facilitator Certification Workshop where techniques and strategies of the Awaken the Spirit 4 Part Model will be demonstrated, practiced and shared in a positive setting.


~Community Service Providers, Income Assistance Workers, Employment & Training, Health & Wellness Workers, Child Protection Workers, Educators and anyone who works with, or provides programming for the Indigenous community. 


Download a registration form here and submit by email. 

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Workplace Wellness

Our Workplace Wellness workshops provide a safe and supportive environment to explore the impact and origins of lateral violence and how to create a healthy and respectful workplace.


Through interactive activities, and meaningful conversation, our workshops help to foster understanding and create an environment of mutual respect and support. Participants learn how to create positive relationships and work together to build a healthier and more supportive workplace.

Developing Good Work Ethics

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This workshop focuses on building ethical workplace practices to improve the atmosphere and overall performance of your organization. Focus areas include: professionalism, attendance & punctuality, dependability and being a Team Player. 

Job Readiness

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This workshop focuses on getting our young people ready to enter into the workforce and not only be successful, but maintain employment. Focus areas include: resume writing, interview prep., budgeting, work ethics, professionalism and time management . 

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